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The name “Rival Trade Brewing Co.” was decided on by the team when they agreed that the name should draw from local history. For those that don’t know, Rocky Mountain House has a lot of historical significance dating back to the early years of the fur trade in Canada. The fur trade paved the way for pioneers and ultimately laid the foundation for where we all have the privilege of calling home today. The Rocky Mountain House area used to be the home of two “rival” trading companies (the North West Company and the Hudson’s Bay Company) that built trading forts along the North Saskatchewan River. They competed for the surrounding First Nations and local trapper's business. In return for hunting and collecting the desirable furs wanted in Europe, the First Nations received valuable goods that made their nomadic lives easier. 

We intend to draw this local history into our brewing process by inspiring each beer after a significant person, place or event. It is very rewarding to pay homage to the stories and people who laid the foundation for the Rocky Mountain House area. We look forward to sharing this experience with our customers.  

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