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About Us

"Locally inspired. Deliciously crafted"

Welcome to Rival Trade Brewing Co., where every pint tells a story steeped in the rich history of Rocky Mountain House. Our brewery stands as a tribute to the pioneering spirit that forged our community, inspired by the enduring legacy of the fur trade era when two rival trading companies laid the foundation of our home.


Brewed in History

In our taproom, you'll find more than just beer; you'll find a gathering place for friends and families, locals and visitors alike, to share in the camaraderie that only a local brewery can foster. Our indoor and outdoor seating welcomes everyone, including your four-legged companions on our dog-friendly patio. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere that celebrates our heritage and the natural beauty that surrounds us.

At Rival Trade Brewing Co., we are committed to crafting top-quality beers that reflect the uniqueness of our region. Each brew in our lineup is carefully crafted, a homage to a significant person, place, or event from our past. These are beers with character, as bold and authentic as the history they honor.

Join us for an experience that goes beyond taste. In collaboration with Delish Eats Little Ugly Food Truck, we offer an exciting menu featuring Cali-Mexican delights, hearty homemade soups, savory poutines, and crispy chicken wings, with mindful options for gluten-free and vegetarian patrons.

We are more than brewers; we are storytellers, conservationists, and, above all, community members. From the days of fierce competition between the North West and Hudson’s Bay companies to your last sip of our carefully curated ales, Rival Trade Brewing Co. invites you to be part of our ongoing story.

Come visit us, enjoy a flight of our finest, and raise a glass to the stories that bind us all. Cheers to tradition, community, and craft beer that is truly local. Welcome to Rival Trade Brewing Co.—where our history is poured into every glass.

There's no I in beer, uh team

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