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Our Commitment: Crafting With Conscience

At Rival Trade Brewing Co., we hold a collection of core values close to our hearts—principles that guide every step of our brewing process and every interaction within our community.


With each beer we make we remember our commitment to quality craftsmanship, innovation, and education of craft beer. We aim to make our patrons and our community proud.


For us, being a craft brewer means that our product is the measure of our quality as a business. Further, we believe that by crafting great beer we create an opportunity to foster a great community.


  • To continually strive to craft beers of distinct quality and variety, for beer lovers and beer beginners alike.

  • We nourish a spirit of curiosity and collaboration, while staying true to the scientific processes of brewing.

  • To remain committed to providing all of our customers with consistently fresh, quality products.

  • To focus on research and development in the crafting of our recipes.

  • To minimize our impact on the environment. We strive for greater efficiency and reduced waste in our production process.

  • To seek local ingredients and partnerships whenever possible


  • To make our taproom a landmark and gathering place for family, friends, and neighbors in our community.

  • To promote positive beer culture and responsible enjoyment.

  • To provide a place of learning for novices and advanced beer drinkers alike, with a welcoming atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, and educational opportunities.

  • To support and give back to fellow makers and members of our local community.

  • To contribute to the craft industry through sharing and collaboration.

  • To remain grateful to be doing what we love. We aim to share and foster that love with an ever-widening community, and to give back to the community that supports us.

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